How Do Property Management Companies benefit Property Investors?

What Do the top Property Management Companies Do?

MoneyWhether you own an investment property, or are looking for a rental, chances are good you have either worked with a property management company or considered doing so. Property management companies provide valuable and convenient services to owners, and work with renters to assure their needs are met in a timely way. They serve as a “middle man” to ensure efficiency and convenience for both parties in the rental transaction. KRK Realty & Management , is one of the top property management companies in Arizona that strives to ensure that property owners and tenants receive the best services possible.

If you own property, you know the enormous amount of work and responsibility that goes along with ownership. From basic paperwork to emergency midnight maintenance problems, it seems the job never ends! Some of the frequent tasks that KRK Realty in Scottsdale help provide include:

  • Advertising, showing and finding the right tenant for your home
  • Reviewing and approving/declining lease contracts
  • Completing thorough and legal background and credit checks
  • Assuring that the home is secure and kept in good condition
  • Providing home maintenance and preventative issues that arise
  • Handling financial aspects such as deposits, rental payments and bills
  • Handling the difficult tasks of evictions and other legal issues

Adding these tasks to your other day-to-day responsibilities can be overwhelming. You need someone that is skilled in providing these services that you can trust.

Why chose KRK Realty?

KRK Realty has been in business for 17 years providing property management and realty services to the Phoenix Metro area. Owner Kevin Kirkwood and his staff have years of experience in handling the details, and occasional problems, that are inherent to the needs of investors and their renters.

In addition to experience, over the years Kevin has built up and networked with vendors that offer various services at much reduced fees for his property owners. By utilizing this network through KRK, property owners can reap the benefit of cost savings and get more reliable workmanship.

Finances and Tax Documentation

In addition to properly maintaining your property and working with renters, the KRK agency has a strong background in accounting. They will provide you with monthly reports related to all of your properties’ income and expenses. Your CPA or tax professional will thank you for the complete and detailed information when it’s time to prepare your tax documents!

If you’ve juggled the tasks of managing your properties alone, contact Kevin or his knowledgeable staff for an analysis of how their property management company can benefit you!