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What We Do

Residential Property Management Services


At KRK Realty and Management, our goal is to provide a worry-free, all-inclusive premier residential property management service. If you own rental property or investment home, you can be sure to maintain a high return on your investment with us in your corner.

Some of the rental services you will enjoy when working with KRK Realty and Management include:

  • Marketing and advertising your property across multiple avenues
  • Rental documents for you and your tenants
  • 100% compliance with landlord / tenant laws
  • Advanced tenant-screening process
  • Maintenance and quality upkeep of landscaping, pool, and home interior
  • First-line communication with tenants to handle all questions, concerns, and problems
  • Rent and deposit collection (including late fees, as necessary)
  • Management of legal and eviction issues
  • Monthly accounting of all monies, which are maintained in a trust account and subject to audits
  • Estimates on all property maintenance and repair work, as well as notification of any excessive expenses. We work to negotiate discounts with vendors — which we pass on to you.
  • Disbursement and/or reconciliation of all tenant deposit refunds
  • Open communication about any concerns or potential fees / expenses
  • After-hours emergency service
  • Monthly statements that account for all income and disbursements on all properties

Please contact KRK Realty and Management  at 480-361-5202 to take the work and stress off your plate. We are eager to assist you in finding the perfect tenants and providing residential property management service.