Rental Property Management – KRK Realty Goes The Extra Mile


Rental Property Management – KRK Goes the Extra Mile

Now that the children and college kids are back to school, the rental market will begin to slow down after what may have been one of the busiest seasons ever. The flurry of activity to get people moved in “before the school bus is pulling around the corner” is winding down, but there are still properties available and they need to be filled. While there are still potential tenants out there, now is the time to forge ahead of the competition. Rental Property Management can be the best way to market your property effectively to get good and reliable tenants. Marketing your property is routine to property managers, but there are ways to make you and your property stand out in the crowd.

Building a relationship with a Rental Property Management firm takes time and effective communication is crucial. As a Landlord, you have a vested interest in who rents the property so it makes sense to get involved in the marketing of your property. There are a few things you and a good property manager offer that can go that extra mile and shows tenants that you want a long and prosperous relationship with them.

  • Moving Assistance– Now we don’t mean actually carrying their sofa to the front door, but suggesting a reputable moving company can show a tenant you care and want them to have a positive and safe move. Rental Property Management companies can also benefit by forming relationships with moving companies that might even offer discounts as they send more business to them.
  • Lists of Local Utilities– A list of all the utility companies that serve your area can be invaluable to a new tenant. This can be especially helpful for people moving in from another part of the country. Contacting APS or Cox Cable company is no easy task on a good day, but when you’re in the middle of a move it can be a nightmare. Help ease your tenant’s stress by having a list of company names and contact numbers to make their transition an easy one.
  • Spotless and well-maintained home– Another way to welcome your tenant to their new home is making sure the home is in tip-top, pristine condition at move-in! No one wants to clean before you can move in, move into a dirty home or worse move in when the house is in disrepair. It’s important for both the tenant as well as the owner for the property to have the maintenance and repairs done as well as the home properly cleaned prior to the turn.

Lastly, moving is stressful and its best for both you, the owner/Investor and the new tenant to set clear expectations RIGHT at the beginning – which is truly one of the best ways to kick off a good renter/landlord relationship. Our company uses Arizona legal forms with company specific language for our Rental Applications, Rental Leases, and Move-in and Move-out forms. In addition, our property managers consistently follow KRK Realty’s proven lease and application practices throughout the rental process – which has historically protected all of our clients.

Because of these strategies, we have been able to achieve an above average owner retention rate and an extremely low eviction rate…. Our claim to fame that many other AZ property manager firms can’t say! Call our Property Management Team if you have questions on how to do this for your property. Not only do we have the resources to help, but also we would like the opportunity to start a long-term relationship with you!